Collaboration – Week I

On Sunday, we started working on our “piece”.  We wanted to create a clay work that will encapsulate all of our ideas and all of us will have a hand in it. We intend to fire it at our year end dragon kiln firing – so it can be as tall and as large as the entrance of the kiln. It’s too early to tell what the piece will look like.  It may be a huge pot, a sculpture – who knows? We are just going with the flow.

Michael started the momentum by throwing the base.

ML throwing

Who’s the mastermind of this intricate “mosaic” piece?

Tia handbuilding

Busy hands! Wonder what Tuan Yong has in mind for the piece?

TY handbuilding

Michael and Tia carefully assembled Tia’s “mosaic” onto the first base.  Later, Tia tidied up the coils to strengthen the form so that more can be added. Lots of creativity, hard work and patience!

Tia & ML assemblingTia coiling

Siew Kuan rolling away with another idea!

SK rolling methodSK at work

Siew Kuan and Tuan Yong are up to something…

SK & TY creating

Here is the piece after the first day of work. Let’s call it Collaboration!

Collaboration Day I

To be continued…

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2 responses to “Collaboration – Week I

  1. Tuanyong

    Wow! I am excited, just looking at the process of the collaborative piece. Eager to see its next stage, when other artists put their hands on it.

  2. TIA

    well done! very good start, it is evolving……

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