Collaboration – Week II

Yulianti was under the weather the week before and missed our initial start-up. She was not going to be left out of the fun and diligently got down to work, adding her own impressions to the piece. She started making little clay “chocolate-chips” and coiled white clay around them.

Clay "Chocolate Chips"Clay Pieces

She then rolled the pieces into a slab. She was “baking” something interesting!

Yulianti baking?Yulianti handbuilding

Tia, Yulianti, Siew Kuan and Tuan Yong discussed how to develop and add the other pieces to the main form.


Here is a close-up of the detailed work and the piece after Week II.  The piece is slowly evolving. It was so much fun seeing how the form changes and develops with each additional idea!

Close-upCollaboration Day II

Visit again to see how this piece progresses…

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