Collaboration – Week III

This was the piece when we left last Sunday.

The Piece

We added more protrusions on the curved surface of the form.

ProtrusionsMore tubes

Siew Kuan extended the horn-like tubes while Hua Hoong contributed a bowl she was throwing on the wheel. Wonder where the bowl will end up at?

SK extending the tube-like hornsHH throwing a bowl

Ah hah! There’s the bowl!

SK doing the finishing touches

After three Sundays of collaboration, the piece evolved into this!

Collaboration Day III

It was a very dynamic project as nothing was pre-planned. We began without any inkling how the piece will look like. We thoroughly enjoyed the creative process where each of us developed our individual pieces, exchanged thoughts and ended with one final form. Call it synergy, fusion or just plain enthusiasm!

Now, we need to bring this safely into the dragon kiln to be fired. How it will be after firing? Well, that will be another post!

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