Glazing Pots, Packing Kiln

Over the Deepavali weekend, we were at the studio to glaze our pieces and pack the kiln.

Here’s our glazing brigade:

Tia Spray Glazing
SK Hand-spraying GlazeTia & SK Glazing
Yulianti GlazingTia Glazing Gear
SK Glazed Pieces

Meanwhile, Tuan Yong began packing some pots in the first chamber. These pots will be closest to the fire box and will have the most ash effects.

TY Packing - 1st Chamber

We also made waddings to put beneath our clay pieces to prevent them from fusing onto the kiln shelves. If the clay pieces are placed horizontally, the waddings can create interesting patterns too.

WaddingsPots on Waddings

We prepared a couple of saggar pots. Siew Kuan, Tuan Yong and Tia added straw, orange peels, banana peels in the saggar pots.

Sagger Pots

After a back-breaking afternoon, Tuan Yong completed packing the first chamber.

Packing - First Chamber

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