More Packing

After our monthly tree house breakfast, we got down to serious preparations for the firing.

Discussion in the Kiln

With only two weeks left, we had to look into the packing and firing logistics. How we arrange our pieces in the kiln plays an essential part to getting the best results. Do we put them close together or farther apart to regulate the flow of the fire and ash? We were fortunate to have Kok Hwee (third from left) and Tok (third from right) share with us their own firing experiences. Tok who just returned from an IWCAT Tokoname Residency Program in Japan, was enthusiastic to share what he learnt. He suggested a longer soaking time period which we intend to incorporate to our firing. As we progress, we are learning more about the intricacies of  wood firing. We will keep exploring and experimenting and hopefully along the way we get to know the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of our dragon kiln. Hmmm…not sure why we sat in the kiln for our discussion, maybe that’s part of getting to know the kiln more intimately🙂

Tuan Yong and Yulianti continued packing the 2nd chamber and Ah Weng helped to put up more kiln shelves.

Yulianti PackingAh Weng Arranging Kiln Shelves
Packing - 2nd Chamber

At the end of the day, the 2nd chamber was completed and shelves were up in the third chamber.

The packing continues…

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