Final Day for Packing

Sunday was the final day for packing everything in and we need to seal up the kiln for Friday’s firing. When we arrived at the kiln early Sunday morning, we found Ah Weng building up another shelf in the 5th chamber for the last of the pots. Ah Weng’s son who had a fever yesterday was feeling better. So Ah Weng was back at work to help us. We could do with an extra pair of hands. Ah Weng is a great help as he had packed the kiln for the previous firings.

5th Chamber

There was a frenzy of activities both inside and outside the dragon kiln.

Moving bricks and wood:

Loading Bricks & Wood

The bricks were to be used for sealing up the doors and building the damper wall and chimney wall after the clay pieces are packed in. The long planks of wood needed to be placed along the sides and front of the kiln for easy access during the firing.

Tia making slabs to mark each firing date at the dragon kiln:

Tia Making Slab Marker

Teck Whui sealing the doorway at the back of the kiln:

Sealing Door ISealing Door II
Back Door Sealed

Siew Kuan arranging the last of the pots in the final 5th chamber:

SK Packing

Finally, the saggar pots were placed at the end of the last kiln shelves, The 5th chamber was completed after lunch. Hurrah!

5th Chamber - Completed

Now, a damper wall and chimney wall needed to be constructed. The built damper wall will be a replica of the back damper wall. Since we did not fill up to the end of the kiln, the air flow needs to to regulated so that the heat is retained and not dissipate into the empty space. In constructing the replicate damper and chimney walls, we kind of brought the damper and chimney walls to the front. Ah Weng got down to the task of replicating the two walls.

Damper WallBack Damper Wall
Building Damper Wall

At around 6pm, the damper wall was halfway up. Ah Weng will complete the damper and chimney walls tomorrow and the front doorway will be sealed up. Then, we will start pre-heating the kiln for the next couple of days to get rid of any moisture in the kiln.

The Countdown begins! Four Days to Firing!

Damper Wall II

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