Last Day to Smoke and Dry

November Rain!

Rainy ThursdayNovember Rain

With the wet weather we are getting, we had to work harder to build the fire as the wood was damp. For the past three days, we were just building the fire at the fire box to dry the kiln before the actual firing tomorrow. We preheated the kiln to about 100 deg Celsius.

Kiln - Smoking and DryingStoke-holes
TY Putting in WoodBy the Fire Box

Tuan Yong also set up the thermocouple at the stoke hole so that we can record the temperature at every hour during the firing.


We were mainly putting wood in the fire box to feed the fire and watching that the fire does not go out. We had to ensure that the embers were pushed into the centre of the fire box so that the heat will flow upwards to the chambers.

Countdown to Firing – 1 day!

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