Firing the Dragon Kiln – Day 1 to 2

Firing started early at 8:00am on Friday. Michael was on the morning shift. At 2pm, the temperature was at 155 degrees Celsius. Tia, Yulianti and Carol continued stoking the fire, keeping a close watch on the temperature. The temperature steadily rose to 180 degrees Celsius at 3:00 pm and reached 360 degrees at 9:00pm.
Front Stoke-HolesYulianti & Tia

We recorded the temperature hourly and made observation notes. The thermocouple was placed at the 3rd stoke hole.

4:00pm – 220 deg C
5:00pm – 261 deg C
6:00pm – 285 deg C
7:00pm – 318 deg C
8:00pm – 328 deg C
9:00pm – 360 deg C

Tok and Elfie came early to help out although their shift was at 2am. In order to sustain and increase the temperature in the kiln, we had to continuously throw the wood into the fire box. It was hard work! So the ladies were happy to get the extra help.
Elfie & Tok PosingWhat's Cooking?

By 11pm, we moved the thermocouple to the 4th stoke hole and opened the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stoke holes. There was a slight dip in temperature, and we kept on feeding the fire till the temperature rose to a high of 400 degrees Celsius at 2am.

10:00pm – 351 deg C
11:00pm – 348 deg C
12:00mn – 364 deg C
01:00am – 365 deg C
02:00am – 400 deg C

Elfie Stoking the Flames

Tok and Elfie continued their watch after Tia, Yulianti and Carol left around 2am. They did a great job at increasing the temperature which recorded 580 degrees Celsius at 8am, Saturday.

3:00am – 462 deg C
4:00am – 498 deg C
5:00am – 500 deg C
6:00am – 500 deg C
7:00am – 555 deg C
8:00am – 579 deg C

Firebox on Day 2

Keep the fire burning!

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2 responses to “Firing the Dragon Kiln – Day 1 to 2

  1. Tuanyong

    Hi Carol,
    Like your recording of the first day. The the interspacing of photos n description with the temp record is exciting. Also, is there a photo of Michael to start of the firing?


  2. CLim

    We were not on the morning shift. Email the photo if anyone has photos of the first day morning shift.

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