Dragon Kiln Firing – Day 2 to 3

SK at the Fire-boxSK at the Fire-box

Siew Kuan was busy at work at the fire-box early on Saturday morning.  With the recorded temperature of 579 degrees Celsius at 8.00am, we had to keep throwing more wood so that the heat could reach to our targeted temperature. By now, the fire pit was half-full of burning embers and you can feel the heat just standing a few metres away. At about 10:30am, all the side stoke-holes were closed.

09:00am – 526 deg C
10:00am – 494 deg C
11:00am – 556 deg C
12:00pm – 535 deg C
01:00pm – 511 deg C
02:00pm – 497 deg C

VisitorsMore Visitors

Since it was a Saturday, we also had a number of visitors. Some of the visitors had been to Thow Kwang before and had seen the dormant kiln. So they were pleasantly surprised to witness the activity and the excitement.  Some members of our firing squad became tour guides and explained to the visitors what we were doing and what was happening. One of the visitors, Victor Koo, wrote about his impressions here.

TW at the Fire-boxIn the Shade

We had a difficult time to sustain the high temperature and the temperature dipped at midday. Teck Whui came by to help to build up the fire so that Siew Kuan and Tia could take a break and seek refuge in the shade. We also noticed that one of the pots that was part of the “throat” was broken. The “throat” is a pillar of pots which supports the roof of the fire-box in front of the kiln. It had been 5 years since the kiln was fired so the sudden fire and heat could have caused the pillar to crack and break. So there was much anxiety.

Broken "Throat"

04:00pm – 455 deg C
06:00pm – 463 deg C
07:00pm – 542 deg C
08:00pm – 606 deg C
10:00pm – 683 deg C
11:00pm – 791 deg C

With  Mr Tan’s help, the fire was roaring in the firebox and the temperature hit a high of 791 degrees Celsius at 11pm.

Mr Tan at the Fire-box

That night, Mrs Tan, Ati and Amy prepared a delicious barbecue spread for all of us. Our friends dropped by for the barbecue and they too decided to join Hua Hoong and Tuan Yong in the hot zone. There was much camaraderie by the fire.
HH at the Fire-boxTY Firing
Jin TeckFirers

After 28 hours of firing, the temperature reached 730 degrees Celsius. There were several occasions when the temperature dipped and we had to work harder at increasing the temperature. Tuan Yong, Elfie and Tok will have a task of increasing the temperature to 1,250 degrees by morning when we will fire at the stoke holes.

12:00mn – 730 deg C
01:00am – 600 deg C
02:00am – 550 deg C
03:00am – 490 deg C
04:00am – 520 deg C
06:00am – 570 deg C

Meanwhile, the flames in the dragon’s mouth were devouring every piece of wood thrown in. The dragon sits quietly – giving out an occasional crackling sound as the embers continue to smolder and glow in the dark moonlit night.
Burning Wood

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