Dragon Kiln Firing – Day 3

Day 3, Sunday
The last day of firing was the most exciting of all as the temperature had to mature to around 1200 degrees Celsius before the firing could proceed to the stoke-holes.


08:00am; 1026 degrees Celsius; Firing moved from the fire pit to the 1st stoke hole; Front stoke-holes sealed

Front Stoke-hole Sealed

Prayers offered to the kiln God by Mr Tan and his mother, Mdm Tan (Ah Mah)

Prayer PreparationsOfferings and Prayers
Mdm Tan PrayingPrayer Offerings

10:00am – 1170 degrees Celsius; Firing at 2nd stoke-hole
12:00pm – 1065 degrees Celsius; Firing at 3rd stoke-hole

A peek into the belly of the dragon!

A Peek at the PotsPots Profile

1200 degrees Celsius
Salting in 3rd chamber – 3 kg of salt used for each side stoke-hole

Salting by SKSK Throwing Salt
Salting by TiaJumping Salt Crystals

02:00pm – 1050 degrees Celsius; Firing at 4th stoke-hole

TW & Friend Firing at Stoke-hole

More salting at 4th stoke-hole


03:30pm – Firing Ended! All stoke holes sealed. Hurrah!

Seal All Up

48 hours of firing, 3 pellets of wood, 12 kg of salt, lots of perspiration and hard work…
Now, to wait until the dragon cool down from his fury fire. What awaits for us in the dragon’s belly remains to be seen. What kind of ash effects will be on our clay pieces? The final outcome will only be fully revealed on Sunday, 23rd November. The most interesting moment of all is yet to come. For the time being, we have to be patient and make do with just a brief peek… šŸ™‚

Sculpture on FireFiery Heads

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