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Dragon Kiln Wood-Firing 2009

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~ Clay, Wood, Fire and Ash. An Art and a Tradition. ~

Join Thow Kwang Clay Artists for 2009 Dragon Kiln Wood-Firing!
Date: 7-9 August 2009

Mr Tan at the Fire-boxElfie Stoking the Flames
Burning WoodTY Firing

The actual firing will begin at 9am, 7th August (Friday) and will continue to the early morning hours of the 9th (Sunday). This is the tentative schedule as much depends on how well we are able to maintain and control the firing to reach the required temperature.

Smoking and Drying
5th & 6th Aug (Fri), 9am-6pm

Firing to High Temperature
7th Aug (Fri), 9am-6pm
25 deg C – 500 deg C

7th Aug (Fri), 6pm-12mn
500 deg C – 700 deg C

8th Aug (Sat), 12mn-6am
700 deg C – 900 deg C

8th Aug (Sat), 6am-12pm
900 deg C – 1000 deg C 900 deg C – 1100 deg C

8th Aug (Sat), 12pm-4pm
1000 deg C – 1100 deg C

Firing at Stoke-holes
Stoke-hole 1
8th Aug (Sat), 4:00pm-08.00pm 12:00pm-1.30pm
1100 deg C – 1250 deg C

Stoke-hole 2
8th Aug (Sun), 08.00pm-12mn 1.30pm-4.30pm
1100 deg C – 1250 deg C

Stoke-hole 3
8th Aug (Sat), 4:30pm-7.30pm
1100 deg C – 1250 deg C

Stoke-hole 4
8th Aug (Sun), 7.30pm-10.30pm
1100 deg C – 1250 deg C

TAKE NOTE: FIRING IS ENDING AT 6PM (Saturday) After the firing there will be a cooling period before the kiln is opened.

Cooling Period
9th Aug (Sun), 12mn to 16th Aug (Sat)

Unpacking the Kiln
16th Aug (Sun) at 10:00am

Location: 85, Lorong Tawas (off Jalan Bahar); Thow Kwang Industry Pte Ltd

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