Dragon Kiln Firing – Day 2


Firing at the stoke holes started around 9am Saturday, and all the helpers proceeded to the top of the kiln.

_MG_1974a _MG_2000a

Thanks to all the enthusiastic young people from GUI and potters from Steven’s class, the firing process went rather smoothly. The fourth and final stoke hole was opened around 4pm. The firing at ended earlier than scheduled at 6:00pm. There was even time for some to have photo breaks and Tia could even do a quick sketch. You can see Tia’s beautiful sketch here.



There were visitors streaming in and out the whole day and our potters were at hand to give them a personal account of the wood-firing process.
IMG_0409a IMG_0406a

What is a firing without a barbeque? So the evening ended with a delicious BBQ spread prepared by Mrs Tan, Ati and Amy, as well as finger food from our guests and potters.

_MG_2022a _MG_2011a


A big thank you to all who sacrificed their National Day weekend to help out and take part in, or drop by at our dragon kiln wood-firing!  We would like to specially thank Song Hui, Jolyn, Jimmy, Kim, Kim Han, Harish, Chia Chia, Andy, Diane, Yen Pyng, and Debra from GUI; Steven, Hong Seng and Xiao Ling!

The results of the firing will be seen only when the kiln is opened and the pots and clay pieces unpacked on 22nd August.

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3 responses to “Dragon Kiln Firing – Day 2

  1. Hi,

    nice to meet all of you the past 2 days!

    I have uploaded pics which I took at http://wordpress.filmgrain.com

    The better resolution pictures can be fond at http://www.filmgrain.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=49

    Feel free to use them if you want!

    Hope to see all of you again soon!

    Do let me know too if you need help on your Canon equipments, I will see what I can do.

  2. CLim

    Thank you for sharing the photos. Happy to hear that you and your family enjoyed your time at Thow Kwang and at the firing. Do feel free to drop by anytime to join us, especially for our 1st Sunday of the month breakfast!

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