Woodfired Pieces

All of us have been taking a long end of the year break to recharge and seek inspiration for our next wood firing in April. Here’s a showcase of our wood-fired pieces from August 2009 firing.

Yulianti Oey

Tia Boon Sim

Tan Tuan Yong

Stella Tan

Ng Siew Kuan

Chia Hua Hoong

Chua Ling Mei

Carolyn Lim



Steven Low

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5 responses to “Woodfired Pieces

  1. desiree ho

    Hello there, I recently visited the Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln with my family and it was an extremely eye opening experience. I decided to do some research about the kiln and came across this website.

    I am filled with much delight to find out that the kiln will be fired up again in April! I would really love to see it! When is this happening? I hope I havent missed it!!

  2. CLim

    We are glad that you enjoyed your visit to the kiln.
    The firing will be on the Vesak Day weekend (27th-28th May). When we have ironed out the details we will post the schedule. Looking forward to seeing you at the firing!

  3. wow GREAT POST, I am impressed!

  4. Devon Kan

    These are really pretty!! Any chance that they might be for sale?

  5. CLim

    Most of the pieces are displayed at Thow Kwang dragon kiln – you can go there to view. Some of the pieces are with the potters. Please look for Yulianti Tan if you visit the kiln. thanks

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