Firing on Friday Morning

The day began early for everyone as we had to be at dragon kiln by 7am. When we arrived, an American TV crew was busy setting up and briefing Mr & Mrs Tan before the show’s celebrity arrived. We can’t disclose the celebrity and the program until it is telecast in the US in the later part of the year. Oh well! But the potters had a more important task at hand to see to – the Firing.

Firing began at 9am with prayers and offerings of fruits, wine, and roasted meat to the kiln God.

Here are our supertrooper helpers for the first shift: Ling Mei and young Bing Han:

Cheng Huang and Mui Luang had their Chinese fans handy to keep cool in the heat:

Hee Lai showed his wood-tossing skills at the firebox:

Stoke-a-wish crane for good luck!

Temperature at 12pm was about 200 degrees Celsius! A great start!

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