Firing Night

Oh! What a night! What a turn out!

The evening started quietly after the afternoon downpour. Among the early arrivals were a group of sketchers (Tia’s students from Temasek Poly) and local photographers, all eager to capture the night’s events. Film-maker, Royston Tan was also around with his crew shooting an HD video.

As dusk fell, people from all corners of Singapore, from all walks of life started to stream in – families with kids, parents and grandparents, young and old came to join us for an evening by the kiln fire. Many came with coolers packed with drinks and food to BBQ and feast. The spirit of gotong royong was evident when you see everyone helping with the firing, sharing food and conversations, and strangers became friends.

The news of the firing spread beyond our shores and there was a group of shutterbugs who came all the way from Malaysia.

Some of the visitors couldn’t resist and joined in to stoke the fire which was at a very toasty 800 degrees Celsius.

One of the highlights of the evening was Steven and his friends on their djembes. They certainly brought a touch of African rhythm and beat to Pottery Jungle, and some of our guests had an impromtptu drum lesson.

There was so much happening that I couldn’t capture it all. So here are some links of friends who had blogged, sketched, and shot the event. If you have captured your impressions of the firing and have posted them, please leave a comment below and share your URL.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the evening as much as we did. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our helpers, friends, and friends of friends who joined us on Veask Day evening and made it a memorable wood-firing!

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2 responses to “Firing Night

  1. Thanks Carolyn for leading me to the special and memorable moment of Thow Kuang Dragon Kiln. I am glad to be able to withness this special moment and wish the firing will comtinue for many years to come.

    I have link the this blog on my blog.


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