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Firing Ended, Pieces Revealed

We waited, waited and waited…

It was the longest wait ever!  Finally, the kiln walls came down a week later on June 6th.

There was a flurry of activity as we went into action to unpack the kiln. As we carried the pieces, we also gave them a closer look. Which pieces had the best wood-ash effect? Were there pieces splattered with salt? Were there any casualties? How many pieces were fired well and how many weren’t?

The pieces in 1st, 2nd and 3rd chambers had disappointing results. The upright cones indicated that the temperature did not reach 1,200 degrees Celsius. Hence, many of the pieces were not “matured”.

Tia arranged the pieces according to where they were placed in the kiln for documentation purposes, while Mrs Tan happily showed off the ash glaze results on the chawan.

Mr Tan and Bakar took a closer look at the wood-fired effects on Bakar’s teapots.

So many pieces – varied and unexpected effects, all carried the unique marks of wood-fired.

Linda and Yang Ce were more than satisfied with their masterpieces.

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The Firing Continues

At around midnight, the fire in the firebox was blazing at 1,100 degrees Celsius.. The fire was well maintained and we hit the target temperature in the firebox after 15 hours of firing.

The stoke holes in the firebox were bricked up and the firing moved to the side stoke-holes.

This is always an interesting part of the firing as we can finally take a peek into the kiln and see the liquid flames dancing and swirling around our pieces.

Although the flames looked hot and fiery, the temperature was not able to reach 1,200 degree Celsius in the first two chambers. The firers had it tough.

When dawn broke, the firing stagnated at the first two chambers. The firers had no choice but to move on to the third, fourth and fifth chambers.

After 33 hours, firing ended at around 6pm on Saturday evening. How will our pieces turn out? No one knows. All we can do is to wait and hope for the best. Right now, all we need were a shower and sleep!

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