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2010 Retrospective II

June: Pit Firing

July: The Dragon Kiln’s Past
The Goh brothers paid a nostalgic visit to the dragon kiln. In the early 1960s, The Goh family operated the dragon kiln before the Tan family bought over the kiln. The Goh brothers took a step back into the past and shared their treasured memories of the dragon kiln.

The structure of the dragon kiln was affected by wear and tear as well as by the heavy piling works by Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) in the vicinity.

This area is earmarked for the development of a CleanTech Park. Here are the artist impressions of the development (taken from JTC’s website).

Read JTC’s masterplan for the CleanTech Park development here,  here and here. To date, the government bodies involved in this project have not been forthcoming on how the development will affect the dragon kiln. Will this historic dragon kiln be kept intact and preserved for posterity or will it be demolished in the name of economic development?

October: Kiln Repair

December: Something’s Happening!
Stay tuned for an exciting event in early 2011…

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2010 Retrospective I

Happy New Year to all our friends!

As we look forward to more great happenings at Thow Kwang in 2011, we pause a moment to take a look at the highlights of 2010.

April: Busy Potters
Clay Artists created new pieces for another wood-firing!

April: Sketchers at Dragon Kiln
A group of Urban Sketchers visited Thow Kwang and penciled/inked their impressions of the place.

May: Dragon Kiln Firing
The wood-firing was held on the Vesak weekend of 28 -29th May.  Lifestyle celebrity Martha Stewart joined us for the firing and lit the first flame with Mr and Mrs Tan. That evening, there was a huge turnout to watch the firing and everyone pitched in to help and had a great night-out.

June: Wood-Fired Pots
The unique and varied outcomes from the wood-ash-salt firing.

Click here to view a gallery of our wood-fired pieces.

June: Create! Ikebana and our Wood-Fired Pots
Ikebana expert Linda Nederkoorn showed us how we can combine the delicate and simple form of Japanese flower arrangements with our wood-fired pieces.

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