2010 Retrospective I

Happy New Year to all our friends!

As we look forward to more great happenings at Thow Kwang in 2011, we pause a moment to take a look at the highlights of 2010.

April: Busy Potters
Clay Artists created new pieces for another wood-firing!

April: Sketchers at Dragon Kiln
A group of Urban Sketchers visited Thow Kwang and penciled/inked their impressions of the place.

May: Dragon Kiln Firing
The wood-firing was held on the Vesak weekend of 28 -29th May.  Lifestyle celebrity Martha Stewart joined us for the firing and lit the first flame with Mr and Mrs Tan. That evening, there was a huge turnout to watch the firing and everyone pitched in to help and had a great night-out.

June: Wood-Fired Pots
The unique and varied outcomes from the wood-ash-salt firing.

Click here to view a gallery of our wood-fired pieces.

June: Create! Ikebana and our Wood-Fired Pots
Ikebana expert Linda Nederkoorn showed us how we can combine the delicate and simple form of Japanese flower arrangements with our wood-fired pieces.

Read 2010 Retrospective Part II here.

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