A New Lease of Life for the Dragon Kilns

Great news over the weekend! The dragon kilns at Jurong are given a new lease of life! At the press conference on Saturday, the National Heritage Board announced that the lease for both Thow Kwang and Guan Huat dragon kilns  will be extended for three years with the possibility of renewal for another two terms.

Mr Alvin Tan, Group Director (Policy) of the NHB, spoke of the heritage & artistic value of the dragon kilns at the press conference

Mr Tan Teck Yoke of Thow Kwang interviewed by the media

For the past two years, the fate of Thow Kwang dragon kiln has been uncertain. The development of the CleanTech Park next door has been fast and furious, and week by week we saw its encroachment evidenced by the diminishing lush green that surrounds the kiln.

This move by the National by Heritage Board is a recognition of the heritage value of Singapore’s last remaining dragon kilns. The lease renewal will definitely spark new creativity and life, as now Thow Kwang is able to make long-term plans to conduct more  community arts programmes.

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2 responses to “A New Lease of Life for the Dragon Kilns

  1. So pleased for you – so much of Singapore is being encroached upon by high rise buildings that can be seen anywhere in the world. The dragon kilns are part of your heritage & are worthy of archeaological preservation.

  2. CLim

    Thank you Carole. We are all very happy and the work continues to increase the awareness of this traditional art.

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