Who we are:  A group Singaporean clay artists and a dragon kiln

What we do:  Throwing, hand building, glazing, firing….anything to do with clay

Where we are:  Singapore – The little red dot at 1 22 N, 103 48 E

Our weekend hideaway studio:  By the banyan tree, West of S’pore – Lorong Tawas off Jalan Bahar

Our creative goals:

  • To awaken the “dragon” and organise wood-ash firings
  • To share our experiences and thought processes in our creative journey
  • To pool information and resources on glazing and the art of wood-firing
  • To create and have fun 🙂

30 responses to “About

  1. Amy Lim

    Hi there!

    Would just like to enquire if you conduct any pottery classes for adults with no prior experience on pottery?

    Looking forward to your reply, thanks! 🙂


  2. CLim

    Hi Amy,

    I have forwarded your inquiry to Mrs Tan of Thow Kwang. Expect an email from her soon.


  3. Shannon Seet

    Hi there, I am interested in pottery classes at Thow Kwang, if available. May I find out more information please?
    Best regards,

  4. Shlomit


    I am interested in taking classes in clay sculpturing – like heads, body etc’…. Are you offering such classes?

    Looking forward hearing from you soon,


  5. CLim

    Hi Shlomit,
    At the moment, we are not planning for any sculpture classes. We are preparing for a dragon kiln firing at the end of June.

  6. hihi, this is rachel from Red Schoolhouse. We would like to make a trip to your place. Do you encourage visits from preschoolers ? We are a big group with about 90 children from age 2 yrs to 6 yrs old and 20 staff. Thank you.

  7. CLim

    Hi Rachel,
    I am forwarding your request to Mrs Tan of Thow Kwang. Both of you can discuss the arrangements. Thanks

  8. Dear fellow clay enthusiasts and artists,

    We’re bringing in US-based master ceramicist, Fong Choo, who specializes in the teapot form. There will be an Artist Dialogue & Demo and Masterclass on 29 May and 4 June 2010. Please log on to http://www.theartcircle.com.sg to find out more. Thank you.

  9. Hi, I’m Marissa from NTU ADM Film. I’m looking for an actor who plays a 40-year-old (and above) potter in my film. As it features the process of pottery making, the actor would have to have background in pottery. May I know if any of Thow Kwang’s male clay artists would be interested to act in it? Meals are provided and there will be a token of appreciation as well as film credits. Thank you.

  10. CLim

    Hi Marissa,
    I will forward your note to the other potters and see if they, or they have friends who are interested.

  11. Corinne


    I am interested to bring a group of children of ages between 9 to 12 to Thow Kwang for a pottery experience next year. What are the packages available? 🙂

  12. hello,

    may i know if there is any tours/activities we (just my husband and i) can take part in the coming months?

    for public visit, is there entrance fees?

    Thank you.

  13. CLim

    On weekends, you may find our potters at the workshop. You can always approach them to ask about the wood-firing and the history of the dragon kiln. No, there is no entrance fee. There are no activities planned until the first quarter of 2012. If you are interested in taking a pottery class, do approach the staff at the cashier counter. Thanks!


  14. Melissa


    I’m interested in visiting this place to learn more about the dragon kiln and wood-firing. May I know if I could just drop by on any other days for a visit?


  15. CLim

    The dragon kiln is open from 9:30 – 17:00 daily. On weekends, you may find our potters at the workshop. You can always approach them to ask about the wood-firing and the history of the dragon kiln. If you are interested in a guided tour, I will forward your email to Mrs Tan.

  16. Hi there, pls include me in ur mailing list for guided tour. “)

  17. junie pong

    Hi there, I’m currently doing pottery and was wondering if you open up the dragon kiln to public as well? Would I be able to join one of your wood or pit firings with a few pieces to fire please?

    Many thanks,

  18. Toh Joo Pheng

    I am interested to plan a pottery session for my department in March. May I know more details or person to call?

  19. Hi CLim,

    Great to discover your website. I was drawn to search for Thow Kwang as I understand form the Compliments page of Baba Phillip Chia’s cook cook on nyonya desserts that Thow Kwang does produce peranakan porcelain/wares. Is there any way that I can find out more information on this.


  20. Lim Li Ting


    I’ve been to Thow Kwang since I was a kid and it has been a fascinating place where I’ve seen it transformed and expanded through the years.

    Together with a group of volunteers from NTU’s Welfare Services club, we’ll be organising an event coming June where we’re expecting 150 children from various family and students care centres. About 100 volunteers will be attached with the children for this event.

    We’re wondering if we can bring the children to Thow Kwang for an experience of making some simple pottery, a tour around the place and if time permits, a chance to see the firing of their pieces in the dragon kiln.

    May I know of the fees charged if applicable.

    I’ll let you know more details about the event upon reply.

    I look forward to your reply soon.

    Thank you.

  21. CLim

    I’ve forwarded your note to Mrs Tan of Thow Kwang. She will touch base with you.

  22. Thank you Carol and Mrs Tan for the impromptu tour and introduction to the facilities and activities available at the pottery last Sunday 🙂 While Carol fired up our interests with her art, Mrs Tan was the ever attentive host. From the group of cyclists, once again, thank you very much for the kind hospitality. With all good wishes. Cheers.

  23. CLim

    Hi Eugene! Happy to hear that you and your group enjoyed your visit to Thow Kwang! We are always more than glad to share the rich heritage of the dragon kiln and art of wood firing!

  24. jayati mehta

    I live in India and have been learning pottery for the past 3 years and have a studio of my own now. I wanted to inquire about the possibility of a residency/internship next summer. I am open to anything as of now with regards to the experience, work and duration. Could you please provide contact details of anyone I could get in touch with regarding this.


  25. CLim

    Thank you for your enquiry. It’s always great to connect with other potters around the world.
    However, at this present moment we do not have a residency/internship program.

  26. Elise

    Hi, we are looking at organising a pottery class for a Japanese group in mid-2014. Could we have your contact to discuss this further?

  27. CLim

    Thank you for your enquiry. I will pass your contact to the staff to contact you.

  28. Hello Woodfirers of the Dragon Kiln,

    We unloaded our wood kiln at the University of Manitoba several weeks ago and now I am fortunate to be visiting Singapore for two weeks. I dropped by the Dragon kilns in January of 2009 and will make time to visit again before returning home.

    Keep on burning wood!

  29. Hello Carolyn,

    I am still pinching myself to check that I am not dreaming. Throwing local clay yesterday at the Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln site with Clay Artists busy glazing to prepare for the next woodfiring was a serindipitous experience.

    I found seventy-two shino glaze recipes on the web at http://www.kazegamas.com/glazes.htm. I will send other recipes once I return home.

    Thank you for the kind, warm and truly woodfirers welcome. And a special thank you to Yulianti, the true Heart of the Last Singapore Dragon Kiln.


  30. CLim

    Thank you Remo! It’s always great to meet potters/wood-firers from all over the world. What a timely visit – especially when we have a wood-firing in session!

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