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Potters in Motion



What do you get when 10 clay artists are given 10 thrown pots and 3 hours?

Lots of fun and 10 clay handbuilt pieces!

This 2-minute timelapse shows 10 clay artists at Thow Kwang playing round robin with 10 clay pieces! Essentially, each potter works on a pot for 15 minutes, then they all rotate to the next pot, resulting in a truly collaborative project! The pieces will be fired at the next wood firing.

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Collaboration – Week III

This was the piece when we left last Sunday.

The Piece

We added more protrusions on the curved surface of the form.

ProtrusionsMore tubes

Siew Kuan extended the horn-like tubes while Hua Hoong contributed a bowl she was throwing on the wheel. Wonder where the bowl will end up at?

SK extending the tube-like hornsHH throwing a bowl

Ah hah! There’s the bowl!

SK doing the finishing touches

After three Sundays of collaboration, the piece evolved into this!

Collaboration Day III

It was a very dynamic project as nothing was pre-planned. We began without any inkling how the piece will look like. We thoroughly enjoyed the creative process where each of us developed our individual pieces, exchanged thoughts and ended with one final form. Call it synergy, fusion or just plain enthusiasm!

Now, we need to bring this safely into the dragon kiln to be fired. How it will be after firing? Well, that will be another post!

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Collaboration – Week II

Yulianti was under the weather the week before and missed our initial start-up. She was not going to be left out of the fun and diligently got down to work, adding her own impressions to the piece. She started making little clay “chocolate-chips” and coiled white clay around them.

Clay "Chocolate Chips"Clay Pieces

She then rolled the pieces into a slab. She was “baking” something interesting!

Yulianti baking?Yulianti handbuilding

Tia, Yulianti, Siew Kuan and Tuan Yong discussed how to develop and add the other pieces to the main form.


Here is a close-up of the detailed work and the piece after Week II.  The piece is slowly evolving. It was so much fun seeing how the form changes and develops with each additional idea!

Close-upCollaboration Day II

Visit again to see how this piece progresses…

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Collaboration – Week I

On Sunday, we started working on our “piece”.  We wanted to create a clay work that will encapsulate all of our ideas and all of us will have a hand in it. We intend to fire it at our year end dragon kiln firing – so it can be as tall and as large as the entrance of the kiln. It’s too early to tell what the piece will look like.  It may be a huge pot, a sculpture – who knows? We are just going with the flow.

Michael started the momentum by throwing the base.

ML throwing

Who’s the mastermind of this intricate “mosaic” piece?

Tia handbuilding

Busy hands! Wonder what Tuan Yong has in mind for the piece?

TY handbuilding

Michael and Tia carefully assembled Tia’s “mosaic” onto the first base.  Later, Tia tidied up the coils to strengthen the form so that more can be added. Lots of creativity, hard work and patience!

Tia & ML assemblingTia coiling

Siew Kuan rolling away with another idea!

SK rolling methodSK at work

Siew Kuan and Tuan Yong are up to something…

SK & TY creating

Here is the piece after the first day of work. Let’s call it Collaboration!

Collaboration Day I

To be continued…

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