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Exhibition 2011 – From the Belly of the Dragon

Thow Kwang Clay Artists are having an exhibition of their wood-fired pieces!

Come and see the multiplicity of wood-ash effects on clay – each uniquely fired by the dragon’s ‘breath’.

Exhibition: 11 June – 2 July; 10am – 5pm
Venue: Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, 85 Lorong Tawas (off Jalan Bahar)



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Exhibition 2009


Join us in our second exhibition of wood-fired pieces from Thow Kwang dragon kiln.

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Flashpoint #01 Exhibition

Brick and Clay Display 1 - LS
Brick and Clay Display 3 - LS

Sunday was the opening of our Flashpoint exhibition. We took two days to plan and create a display along the side of the dragon kiln using bricks from the firing. The fired bricks had a dark burnt look. We used clay slip to paint some surfaces of the bricks to achieve a lighter background for our pieces.  The variation in height, brick colour and textures gave a simple yet naturalistic backdrop for our clay pieces.
Brick and Clay Display 5 - LSFaces
Brick and Clay Display 2 - LSBrick and Clay Display 4 - LS

That day, the clay artists were on hand to share our wood-firing stories and explain the wood-fired effects to our invited guests and visitors who happened to drop by at Thow Kwang.

How was this made?
A Light MomentThat's my piece!
Tell Me MoreLooking at details
Interesting Piece?

And there was also a delicious spread of finger food for everyone.
Food SpreadFinger Food

A couple of our guests went home happy with their newly acquired wood-fired pieces.
Sold!Happy Trio

The exhibition is still on until 21 December. So visit the exhibition and you may find a little clay treasure to bring home for the holidays.

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